John Luzzi, Terry McDermott and Peter Klett
Working in the basement on tunes tunes tunes.

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  1. Hayleigh says:

    Terry is the best no one can beat him!!!!!!!:):):):)

  2. Gail says:

    Oh my gosh…I will repeat this on Facebook, but it’s been about 15 years since I’ve heard music that I want to buy…I love rock…but kind of got out of it because I haven’t heard anything that struck me until now. You brought it back for me and I’m rejuvinated!

  3. melissa cat says:

    I have not been this hooked on a musician in years. I have not actually bought any music in a long time but I have no problem buying yours. I wish you and your family the best…keep rocking.

  4. Cantara says:

    I haven’t found a band I enjoy enough to consider buying a CD, since the old days when we used to have record stores and we taped songs off the radio to make mixed tapes. I pretty much mooched off my friends through my twenties and lost touch with the musical world thereafter. I can honestly say that Terry’s vocals have brought me a new sense of invigoration and desire to listen to music. And to think, if it weren’t for his recent success,this treasure of a band would have gone mostly in noticed? I look forward to hearing more from this band as it becomes available, and will be following this artist wherever he ends up!

  5. LeRossignol says:

    I think you should sing Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills!” It would be amazing and you could really win this whole thing.

  6. LeRossignol says:

    Terry, I think you should sing Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills.” Your voice would really shine and you could win this entire thing.

  7. Makindra Forbes says:

    Omg I love terry so much best music since FM died

  8. Stephanie Blair says:

    I’ve been listening to the music you sing when it was new!! You have an amazing voice and stage presents that makes me feel young again!! Good Luck to you! You are a winner all ready!!!!!

  9. sharon & gary says:

    We ever so wanted you to win, but we feel you will still have people out there that make records ,will be after you. You make listening to rock music worth it agin. when that happens i will be watching and will but what you will sing. have faith one day at a time.
    sharon & gary

  10. Xinyue says:

    Love you so much!!! Classic rock never die.
    Have you ever think about coming back to Britain for tours? Looking forward!!!

  11. Laurie Kron says:

    Terry you have an amazing voice. Rock and roll has always been my first love of music. You rock. Can’t wait for future music from you.

  12. Amy Hatcher says:

    Quite simpley, you ROCK! Thanks for singing the music I grew up listening to and for making people appreciate it again! Texas loves you! All the best to you!

  13. lisadee says:

    love, love, love your voice. what a gift!

  14. Catalina Hunt says:

    Terry, you are a classy person with an angelic voice. You deserved to win The Voice because you ARE the voice. Cassadee doesn’t have a good voice and we all saw throughout the competition and after she was named the winner and started to sing Faith Hill’s song. She was so off!!! I wish you good luck with your career. You are unique and will have an excellent career in music. I cannot wait to buy your new album. My family loves you and your music. Merry Christmas champ!

  15. Sandy says:

    Terry, I really enjoyed you on the Voice, I have downloaded all your songs from, you having an amazing voice and I look forward to much more music from you and I can’t wait to attend one of your concerts! I am a true fan. Thank you!

  16. Melissa Piland says:

    Terry you are the best singer i ever heard. You voice reminds me of angels singing that’s how great your voice is. Keep on rocking and living the dream. i wish you and your whole family a good rest of your years.

  17. lahoma says:

    OMG…keep singing young man. You made an old lady absolutely obsessed. I was voting for you and voting for you….I’ve been trying to find out if you have another recording contract yet. I hope someone snatches you up soon – and if they are smart – they will!

  18. Noela says:

    I followed you from the beginning and I knew that you have something special. I grew up with rock in the 80′s and the pop music these days, is just not memorable. I truly hope you stay true to yourself and your family. Despite fame and fortune, there is nothing like family and honesty in the craziness which I’m sure will follow you towards success. I miss your singing and I think the finals did not do you justice at all. In my opinion, it looked rigged for some reason as you were not at your best and very strange. I’m probably the only person feeling it. Still loved your performances of Dude looks like a lady and with Peter Frampton.
    May the new year bring you your dreams. I look forward to buying your future CD!!!!

  19. Carolina says:

    We love you Terry

  20. Denise Pennington says:

    Hey Terry .. I second all the positive feedback I have read in these responses & I would like to add mine. From your blind audition to the last show of The Voice, I not only have been blown away of the kind of artist you are, but the loyalty you showed to your family. In these times, it was so refreshing to see a man (like my husband) be so dedicated to his wife & children. I may be wrong, correct me please, but I really “felt” the emotion you were (I think) casting to your lovely wife as you were singing the last verses of “Let It Be”. It looked as if you were staring right at her as you sang. That really warmed my heart and your wife is a very lucky lady to have you as a husband. I continually watched you express your love & dedication to her & Liam week after week. Cheers to you as a man, husband, & father that our world needs more of.

  21. Patti Lapp says:

    Terry, You actually did win The Voice. The 2 left standing were a pop singer & a rocker, 2 different genres. Those who love rock voted you to the top 2. I consider that winning. You built your fan base & hopefully have already been offered a recording contract. Your fans are waiting.

  22. Melissa Piland says:

    It’s been a long time since i heard a artist that i actual liked. Then i heard Terry Mcdermott snd he got me back into the music groove and now i will always listen to his music.

  23. Chris Pamula-Holmstrom says:

    I have to agree w/ so many of the previous comments @ how its been years since I was even slightly interested in following an artist let alone buy their music! But Terry’s honest emotion & connection to the words he sings has stirred that up in me again! A re-emergence of my teenage yearning for a connection to music that expresses a mutual feelings about life & how you live it! Thank you for reviving my passion for music again Terry!! Keep making music, stay true to yourself, your beliefs & your family… To quote an old hippy or two…”keep on keepin on!” & we will follow you!

    my previous my teenager

  24. Myra Valcourt says:

    I wish I could say something about Terry that hasn’t been said already! I just feel like I’ve found the songs that I have wanted to find for a while now and I’m so grateful to Terry for that. It makes me kinda sad that there have been times when he doubted whether his music mattered to anyone. From now on in, I’m always going to be waiting for the next song he writes/sings, the next album he records, the next show he organizes. I feel like Terry and Malyn have become like family to us! You’re the best, Terry!

  25. Karen says:

    Your voice is incredible! Loved hearing you on the show The Voice! Your character & sweetness, & a bit of fun thrown in made you a winner in my eyes. Totally loved your rendition of one of my fav old school rockin’ bands, ” I want to know what love is”; brought tears to my eyes. Keep on…Hope a record comes out soon! Rock on with that heart of love.

  26. stacey affolder says:

    Terry i love u and ur music i am a true fan and im only 15 you inspire me to never give up.

  27. Makindra Forbes says:

    Im going to Scotland next summer :) i hope to meet Kris! I’ll send you a post card :)

  28. Darlene Paterson says:

    When I was in the bedroom & heard there was a Scottish Rocker on the Blind auditions on The Voice I ran into the room to get a glimpse, when he sang Baba O’Rielly with such ease I said ” this guy can sing & he’s Scottish like me!!!” I was in for the long haul. My 16 yr old daughter was a Cassadee fan of course but said “Terry really has a better voice than her he should win” we voted our fingers off on all 5 Who knew Terry McDermott would steal out hearts, the talent he exhumes is exhilarating!! I learned everything I could about him then he replied to one of my tweets I was thrilled. Then come to find out Terry McDermott was being dropped on my doorstep at The Gramercy Theater 2 blocks from my apt in NYC, I ran there and got tickets immediately for Leighann and I. I had met the McHobbits on Twitter & made some friends who I met at the show and what a show it was!!! Terry owns the stage, he sings with such dedication but it just flows out of him with ease. What I want to know is “Where has he been hiding??” this man is going to be a HUGE SUCCESS!! and I am riding that wave with the rest of his dedicated fans with him. When I met him I had so much to say but I was seriously “Starstruck” I didn’t even get the poster for him to sign he signed a coaster for he is a genuinely kind man and quite the comedian..during the show he gave someone a banana & tossed a cherry Tomato to the crowd which I got!!! it is in my freezer in a ziplock. I knew that if you sang Caledonia I was gonna get homesick for Rutherglen, and the tears roll off my eyes every time. I know this is long winded but I just want to say Terry thank you for sharing your Voice with us, whether it be Driveblind, Lotus Crush or just yourself you have that sound that gives me goosebumps.I have listened to all your music and am so blessed to have had the pleasure of en,joying your success and this is just the beginning your going to be a much bigger success than you already are. You have an ARMY of McHobbits of over 400 now. I will close with I hope you come back to NY soon and keep on doing what you love your Amazzzing!!! you have the support of a wonderful family, & fans Terry God Bless & Cheerio!!!

  29. mary says:

    you are the best singer in the history of MUSIC! You are the BEST!

  30. Sherry Nestleroad says:

    Not since Mickey Newbury have I heard a male singer with such emotion. Call me a fan for life!

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