New Lotus Crush Video

Lotus Crush consists of guitarist Peter Klett and drummer Scott Mercado both founding members of the multi platinum alternative rock band Candlebox, former Driveblind lead vocalist and NBC’s The Voice Finalist, Terry McDermott, and Seattle guitarist John Luzzi (Phantoms/Miggs).

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New Lotus Crush Video

  1. Richard Bishop says:

    Great song, time to call NBC and set up a 2 hour “Terry Mcdermott Special” and show case yourself to the world. (Plus play some Classic Rock too)

  2. Susan says:

    I have watched all 3 seasons of “The Voice” and enjoyed it. It is the only so called “reality” TV show I do watch but that is all I did before your performances was watch. Right now I am wondering how you feel having so many “older” fans .. those of us in our 50′s who absolutely fell in love with your voice singing classic songs that we all know and love and have gone on to see what else you have done. I have never used ITunes but have searched for your music there and for the 1st time have actually bought ITunes songs and albums (everything I could find that you have done). Nice to know that I can like your more current music as much as the songs you sang on the show. Thank you for getting me interested in buying music again.

  3. Hilda Haney says:

    Love this it is really good. I love the Voice was sooooo!!! glad to see someone like you. Your soul felt singing is great, an your fan base will always follow you.The songs you sing touch so many people and bring such memories back for everyone. I love you and your singing and will always …… You “ROCK”

  4. Carol says:

    Love it Terry! Keep em coming!

  5. Jan says:

    Love the originals, great song!!! I agree, keep them coming Terry, Lotus Crush!!!

  6. Sandy Rowe says:

    Love this video Terry. Would love more from Lotus Crush. Can’t wait for the new music!

  7. debbie bowman says:

    I love it all too!! And DITTO what Susan said!! My sentiments exactly!! And YOU are the one who SHOULD have won The VOICE!! You brought my interest in music BACK!! Thanks!!

  8. Kathie says:

    Ditto again what Susan said. Only I am even older than her and still lovin’ good rock. I cheered on Juliet Simms in Season 2 and Terry all the way Season 3. As much as I loved hearing Terry sing the classics I am really looking forward to hearing new good rock. My tastes lean toward the harder stuff with good wailin’ guitar. I’m from Seattle and we like to rock! I love Gunnin’ Honey. Great song!

  9. lahoma says:

    May you be blessed in all that you do.

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