March 2013 Fan of the Month
McHobbit Secrets

For those who want to learn more about the secrets of the McHobbit, read this story.  When Terry McDermott’s recent single “Pictures” was released, Team McHobbit rallied to help market the song which reached #1 on the iTunes Rock Chart within 9 hours.  This group of loyalist, fans and groupies are organized and very powerful.  Check out their story.

TMM:  Crystal Cannon is the inspiration behind the McHobbit concept.  Tell us how you came up with the idea of this team?

Crystal:  During The Voice, I saw how Cassadee had her fans, “The Cassettes,” and I thought it would be a cool idea to come up with a name for Terry fans.  I posted on Terry’s Facebook Page (the one he had through The Voice, I believe), saying that we Terry fans should call ourselves “The McDermotteers.”  Several people liked the idea, and Laura Piil-Cerqa suggested that we include “Hobbit” in there somewhere.  So I changed the name to “The McHobbitteers,” and then just shortened it to “The McHobbits.”  Once the name was set, I decided it would be nice to get a group of Terry fans together to support each other and help get the vote out for Terry…so I started “The McHobbits” the next day.

TMM:  Tell us more about yourself.

Crystal:  Umm…  I’m 26 years old and I live in North Carolina.  I’m a student (Senior!) at East Carolina University, working on two Bachelor’s Degrees in Spanish and English.  I also work part-time (three days a week).  I live with my fiancé and our dog (who may or may not be spoiled rotten).  I have an amazing family!  I love music and movies and writing; I’m a bit of an amateur musician myself…I play piano and sing.

TMM:  Did you know the group would play such an important role in helping Terry and band get to number one so quickly?

Crystal:  When I started the group, I had no idea the McHobbits would become so popular, and I certainly didn’t know I was building an army.  But when Terry was on The Voice I saw how hard each member worked to get him through to the next round; there were nights that many members stayed up all night to keep voting and encouraging others to vote.  They pushed so hard to get Terry on the charts and to keep him on The Voice, so with the “Pictures” release I knew it was only a short amount of time until Terry was at number one.

TMM:  How can Terry’s fans help promote his music?

Crystal:  One major way is word-of-mouth.  Tell everybody about Terry and how awesome his music is.  Encourage others to listen to his music, visit his Twitter, Facebook, or the Terry McDermott Music web site.  Watch Terry videos on YouTube and leave comments about how awesome it is.  Visit Terry on Twitter, Facebook, wherever, as often as you can!

TMM:  What are some of the “outside the box” things the McHobbits are doing to build the Terry McDermott brand.

Crystal:  The McHobbits are doing a little bit of everything… making T-shirts, calling radio stations and asking for Terry’s songs to be played, posting about Terry on the local Facebook pages of places near where Terry will perform… everything.  They’ve put Terry’s name into polls (such as the Super Bowl performer poll), urged other fans to download Terry’s songs on iTunes… they’re really just an unstoppable force!

TMM:  Terry’s first release didn’t have a label.  As such, the speed to market is much faster than the bureaucratic and slow moving record companies.  Peter Frampton shared his ideas about how long it took to get “Baby I Love Your Way” released.  Do you think traditional record labels are a thing of the past?

Crystal:  I’m not sure if they’re quite a thing of the past yet, but they aren’t the only way to get something released anymore, if that makes sense.  With all the new technology out there that makes it possible for songs like “Pictures” to be released without a label, I’d say record companies definitely have some competition now.

TMM:  At first, we thought the McHobbits were helping Terry reach success until he signed with a major label like RCA, Sony, Atlantic, or Interscope Geffen (Driveblind’s label).  Are you and the team prepared to support Terry as long as it takes?

Crystal:  Absolutely.  I think I speak for all of the McHobbits when I say that, barring any major life/family crises, we’ll support Terry in whatever way possible, whenever possible, forever.

TMM:  What is your favorite Terry McDermott song and why?

Crystal:  Right now I’m back and forth between two: “Over Again” and “Perdido en Espana.”  I really love “Over Again” because it’s just a great song, but also you can really hear how pure and beautiful Terry’s voice is.  And as far as “Perdido en Espana,” I’m a Spanish major/speaker, so I’m sort of required to love that one!

TMM:  How can we follow Terry McDermott?

Crystal:  On Facebook (, Twitter (, on Terry’s Web Page (, or by joining the McHobbits group!

TMM:  Thank you for taking the time to do this quick interview.  Keep us posted about Team

Crystal:  Absolutely.

9 Responses to
March 2013 Fan of the Month
McHobbit Secrets

  1. Tracy says:

    We love our Crystal for bringing us together! I remember those nights staying up to vote and download while Terry was on “The Voice”. We felt like there was something special going on then and it just kept getting better! She’s absolutely right, we are dedicated to Terry for life! He’s a treasure and it’s an honor to represent him with the other loyal McHobbits!

  2. landy says:

    How can I be terry”s fan of the month???? I have been a fan for over 8 years now and It would mean a lot

  3. Brenda says:

    Congratulations Crystal, and a big thank you for giving us a place to share and work together and support Terry McDermott. Much McHobbit love to you.

  4. Rhonda Essid says:

    I loved it when I found Crystal and The McHobbits group page early on in The Voice competition. It was so much fun “watching” every night with my fellow McHobbits and “talking” to each other about what was going on. And then the voting push…you felt like you were part of something really great. And indeed…we are! Viva o’Fandom McDermott!!!

  5. DebNC93 says:

    Congratulations, Crystal! I am so happy that you started this wonderful group for our favorite singer!

  6. Amy Castle says:


  7. Cindy Hamm says:

    Hey there McHobbits! I’m another one of the non stop voters while Terry was on The Voice, having just got internet service, I’m hoping to be a part of the group. I would also like to say how much the song “Pictures” touched me. I have lost several people that I truly love, and this song brought so many memories flooding back, It’s brilliantly written. McHobbits 4 life!

  8. Lynnette Pettitt says:

    I only came across the McHobbit group fairly recently. It was great to discover a group that’s doing what I have been doing for Terry since his blind audition on The Voice! From that first couple of notes, I knew he would be a force to be reckoned with! So glad I found this group and I’m looking forward to promoting Terry any and every which way I can :)
    He’s got incredible talent and such a character! Always takes time for his fans <3
    McHobbit love to all!!

  9. maria curtis says:


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