January 2013 Fan of the Month!

Meet Mary Nettlow (@weemary907), born in Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland, and now living in Anchorage, Alaska with two sons and a hubby – enjoying life in the mix of WILD moose.  We recently met Mary when she travelled over 4500 miles to see Scottish Rocker Terry McDermott at the House of Blues, New Orleans.

TMM:  What prompted you to travel the distance to see Terry perform?

Mary:  Well, I enjoy listening to Terry sing and I felt motivated to make the journey to show my support for a fellow Scot.  I know how hard it is to leave the comfort of your wee village for the big bad world and our fellow Scots are not always supportive of the wandering spirit.

TMM:  What song did you like the best on NBC’s The Voice and at the concert?

Mary:  My favourite song on The Voice was ‘Let It Be’ and ‘Caledonia’ at the concert.

TMM:  When you first met Terry after the show, what was your first impression?

Mary:  How humble, appreciative, easy going, and friendly he was.  A young girl that I know wanted Terry’s autograph but I was apprehensive about asking (Scots can be somewhat reserved).  After watching his interactions with fans, I felt confident enough to ask for the autograph.  I was very touched that he had heard about a fan coming from Alaska to see him and was actually going to look for me to personally say thank you.  He sent a message the next day to thank me again.  That meant a lot.

TMM:  Was there a lot of talk about Scotland?

Mary:  Och aye quite a bit and we talked about whisky too.  I thanked him for singing Dougie MacLean’s ‘Caledonia’.  He let me taste his favourite single malt, Balvenie.  Unfortunately, my favourite, Glengoyne 17 year old, is not easy to get hold of in the USA.  I plan to bring some back to share if I am lucky enough to meet him again.  We both admitted to getting homesick now and again and how nice it was to hear a Scottish voice.

TMM:  We know many of Terry’s fans are enjoying the old songs with the younger generation, discovering a new kind of music that has been missing since the 80’s.  Do you think Terry can bring back Rock n’ Roll and make it popular again?

Mary:  I do.  My own sons, both in their early 20s, listen to Terry with me and enjoy what he sings.  It has peaked their interest in Rock n’ Roll, which is great, but I am encouraging them to listen to Terry’s own music.  My niece and her husband, who live in Edinburgh, are now Terry fans.  We are working on the rest of our family.

TMM:  We noticed you on the social media venues via Facebook and Twitter.  Is this a good way to keep track of Terry and his fans?

Mary:  It worked for me.  That was how I found out about the House of Blues gig.

TMM:  What song would you like Terry to record next?

Mary:  Tough question.  I would like him to record ‘Caledonia’ because I am Scottish and love to hear his brogue.  However, I am not sure how well it would sell in America. Another suggestion is ‘Rhythm of Love’.

TMM:  If you had one piece of advice to give to Terry about his career, what would it be?

Mary:  Don’t ever change!  You are a lovely person and one of your most endearing qualities is your obvious love for your sweet wife and son.

TMM:  We are all hoping for a show in Alaska in the near future so we can visit you!  What venue would you pick?

Mary:  My house!  However, if you are looking for a bigger venue I suggest The Sydney Laurence Theatre, which is part of The Anchorage Center for Performing Arts.  Dougie MacLean has played there in the past and has another concert scheduled for September 15th.  Another suggestion is the Bear Tooth Theatrepub – great pizza and home brew!!!

TMM:  You are a member of this organization called The McHobbits.  What is that all about?

Mary:  It is a fun group of people covering at least 2 generations and several countries.  The common denominator is our commitment to help further Terry’s career any way we can.  Terry is a member too!

TMM:  Thank you for taking the time to interview for http://TerryMcDermottMusic.com.  Please visit us soon!

Mary:  I plan on returning to NOLA as soon as my hubby gives me the thumbs up to desert him again.  If there is another gig in February, I might make the trip and bring my older son along.  Thank you so much for asking me to do this.  It was fun.

“We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, for the sake of auld lang syne” Cheers!

12 Responses to
January 2013 Fan of the Month!

  1. Ana Carolina says:

    Nice interview!!!

  2. Tracy StPierre says:

    Fantastic interview! What a great way to recognize your fans Terry! We love you!

  3. Lisa Regan says:

    Beautiful and touching interview! How wonderful for Terry to have your support Mary! Viva Escocia!

  4. maranda kite says:

    so sweet….Mary you are great!!!!!!

  5. Debbie Lipscomb says:

    This just goes to show how devoted Terry’s fans are and what a nice guy he is. We McHobbitts love Terry McDermott!

  6. Grace says:

    Mary…. nice interview! Terry touches the hearts of thousands, if not millions, of fans who are anxiously waiting to hear his new music!!!

  7. Donna Warren says:

    Really cool, Mary! I appreciate all that is Terry McDermott. I agree that he is a wonderful and talented guy. McHobbits RULE!

  8. Vicki Barringer says:

    Although I have not yet had the opportunity to meet Terry in person, from all of the interviews I’ve read, the statements he has made, the photos and videos I’ve seen, Terry seems to be a very talented, kind, respectful, honorable, generous and hard working person. Terry is someone who I feel I could trust and would be honored to have as a true friend.

  9. Deanie Patten says:

    Way to go Mary! If I could have made the trip from my home in British Columbia, Canada I would have. We McHobbits are true and devoted fans for the reasons you so eloquently described. He has a rock and roll soul, a voice we have been missing. But more than that, he is honest, appreciative, a loving family guy and works hard at his craft. His songwriting is inspired from the heart. I cannot get through a day without listening to Terry.

  10. Mary Nettlow says:

    Thank you to everybody for taking the time to comment, and to Dave Erwin for inviting me to do this. My hope was to convey what a warm, talented, funny, and lovely human being Terry McDermott is. My life is richer for meeting him, and a few of my fellow McHobbits. I would make the trip again in a heartbeat – it was worth it and more.

  11. Chandra says:

    Just impressive Mary! I mean, I love Terry and all..but 4500 miles is a lot of mileage for a 90 minute concert…bravo, well done, kudos…YOU are the biggest McHobbit fan EVER!

  12. Chris Pamula-Holmstrom says:

    Oh what an amazing experience for BOTH of you!! Yeahhh! We McHobbit’s are a pretty cool group of peeps! I too hope to make a pilgrimage of sorts from Pennsylvania to experience one of the intimate Terry venues in NOLA! Must sieze the moment before it before it slips away when hid career sky rockets out of our reach… Good show evrryone

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