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  1. Sally Murray says:

    Hey u, just wanted to say well done on the voice from someone from the olden days, Jane and my sis are well chuffed for u too. Good luck with all that u do xxx

  2. Jason Skoog says:

    Dear Terry,

    My name is Jason Skoog, and I am a graphic designer. I would love to work for you on art for your music (such as art for albums, t-shirts, web, concert posters, etc).

    My portfolio:

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.



    • Laura says:

      Terry M / Lotus Crush / Driveblind t-shirts would be totes amazeballs!! Hopefully Terry will tell us what one must do to locate some branded merch?

  3. Kathleen Hoffman says:

    Hi Terry, I am hoping and cheering for you to be The Voice 2012. You have been working long and hard to be valued and recognized as an artist. This is your time. We support you. Go for it!

  4. Katelin says:

    Good luck and good fortunate awaits you. Your voice is strong and beautiful !!!

  5. Jess says:

    What an amazing voice you have Terry!! I just love watching you rock it out, your performances are always flaw less!! Praying and voting that you win this definitely have “the voice” to do so!!

  6. donna says:

    Wow..great choice of songs on The Voice. You are fantastic. Amazing to listen to and watch. a real rocker..!

  7. Teodor V. says:

    Congrats on your achievements on the voice, I really like your style. Im a music student from Denver just trying to use my resources to get out there a little bit. Please check out my video at
    -Thanks, TeodorV. (



  9. Andrew DeFusco says:

    Hey Terry,
    I’m a huge fan, I know that you probably hear that all the time and it gets annoying but you truly are awesome. I think that you should sing imagine! I know that that is said to be your favorite song and honestly I think that it will add a good emotional feel to your performance. Maybe you already planned to perform it. I don’t even know if you will even see this but i figure that its worth a try. Once again, I’d like to mention how big a fan I am of your work and I love classic rock including, The Beatles, queen, and Rush. I think that we will rock you and we are the champions suits your voice extremily well. Keep on rocking.
    Cheers Boss

  10. Stephanie says:

    Terry you are awesome, i would be thrilled to meet you. You remind me of Paul McCartney and u bomed it when you sang Maybe I’m Amazed. Terry #1 2012

  11. Andrea Cote says:

    Can you perform one of your Lotus Crush songs on The Voice?????
    Then people will see a true performer once again who actually co-writes, not just performs. :-)

  12. Doug says:

    You have it all Terry but your becoming a one trick pony. Time to change it up a bit.

    Show the world and let them hear some of the best of the all but forgotten Classic Rock.

    Get the band and all their gear out there on the stage with you including a Hammond B3 and get the covers off the Leslie. Show the spinning horns and quads below. We need to see some of the guts and wires.

    Have the guy with the LP bring out a couple Marshals. Spill a carpet for you to work on and don’t leave it. Your not working the entire stage for this one. Use more of the hang on to the mic while on the stand. Use your arms

    Your adding just a touch of emphasis here and there so it’s a tad stronger live than on the record. Just like they all did back in the day.

    I guarantee that if you do these two songs in the finals… It’s yours….

    Both of these are Great Britain bands.

    This was a “Four Tops” song. You will need a mix of 3 lady back up singers to fill and harmonize with. You will blow Cee Lo’s mind. I guarantee he has never heard it done this way. You will look like a genius.

    This is what you will be duplicating this time around. It’s time we feel and see the early 70′s again.

    Slash might still be needing a front man for “Velvet Revolver” A guy who isn’t a drug addict.

  13. Mckenzie moore says:


    • Terry says:

      Hi McKenzie Moore!

      • McKenzie moore says:

        Hey Terry
        I contacted the Daily Record and offered to buy your Dad a ticket over to see you. they emailed me, I gave my phone number to Lorna Hughes, but no call back. Know how hard it is to be away from home. If interested, Daily record has my contact info. Loved Caledonia – still bring a tear to my eye

  14. Trish Moore says:

    Congratulations! I have a couple of finale song ideas for you: By Styx: “Lady” or “Babe”- perfect for your tone! I would lean toward Lady but either could carry you to the win! Or perhaps a Led Zeplin tune, “Stairway to Heaven”?
    I bet you know all of these songs!
    I am rooting for the First Real Rocker on. TV talent show!
    Trish Moore

  15. Melissa Muzechuk says:

    Awesome job so far! I have been cheering for you since day one! love your hair do too!, Heard “Fool in the Rain” by Zeppelin…I could hear your voice with Robert Plant!! no kidding, you could sing it even better, I swear. even Robert Plant’s solo stuff is AWESOME. You have my vote. thank you and I hope to buy your album one day soon….OOPS, just showed my age there, Best of Luck!

  16. Helena says:

    Hi Terry,
    Congrats for making the final! You have a killer voice. You probably have already chosen your songs for next week but if you have not perhaps you could perform something more current in addition to classic rock? How about Breakeven (Falling to Pieces) by the Script?
    Best of luck!

  17. Rob & Karen says:

    Hiya Terry- We wanted to wish you all the best on The Voice. You are brilliant! My husband Rob moved here to NOLA from Paisley. His family is all back in Scotland. Any time we hear a Scottish voice in New Orleans we always go up and say hi ;) A friend of ours actually showed us a pic she took with you (you’re rocking a kilt) at a restaurant in the Quarter a few months back prior to the Voice. (Everyone shows us Scottish stuff!)
    Fingers crossed you win. All three are wonderful, but you really have the “voice”. Would love to hear you sing next time you do a gig in NOLA.

  18. Mistral Wind says:

    From a Wayward son of the Sixties :)
    My Generation defined the phrase “YOU ROCK!!!”
    You sure do Terry.
    Much growth and life Sir Dude!!

  19. Joni Rodgers says:

    I dont know why my comment didnt go threw but any whooo,I am so glad to hear someone that knows how to sing rock and roll,my heart leaps when i hear my 9 yr.old son sing them songs along with you.This show has launched you into stardum,and my son and i have been chearing you on since the show started.Please keep us informed of your cd realses and tours.My son would like to know how old your son is and what his name is and tell him Jacob said hi.Good luck tonight Terry. M
    Merry Christmas,from our Home to Yours

  20. You are ridiculous, your voice is ridiculous. Love. Love. Love. I look forward to hearing more from you in the near future.

  21. sandy says:

    another great comes from scotland!

  22. Brooke says:

    My name is Brooke Mickler.
    I am an 18 year old girl with mild Cerebral Palsy.
    You were my favorite on the voice.
    I would really appreciate it if I could have your autograph for my collection.
    I understand if you can’t, but it would mean so much to me if you could.
    Email me back for my address!
    Thanks so much & merry Christmas,
    Brooke :)

  23. Lisa says:

    You had a great run on the show. I really feel that any of you could have taken it. I know that your son, wife and Dad are really proud of you. My hubs and I can’t wait to hear more from you!
    It was a joy to watch you. Thank you!

  24. Brooke says:

    You were my favorite on the voice.
    Can I please have your autograph?
    Email me back for my address!
    I would really appreciate this, but I understand if you can’t.
    Thanks so much & merry Christmas,
    Brooke :)

  25. Stacy Block says:

    I just wanted to say that I followed you thru the entire season of THE VOICE and just LOVE your voice! I have kept all the episodes on my DVR so I can pull them up and hear you again. You are just wonderful! (You blew me AWAY with “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Let it Be”, and “I Want to Know What Love Is” . . . but EVERYTHING you sing is amazing!!) This is only the beginning for you Terry. Even though you didn’t “win” – you showed the world how awesome you are and no one is going to forget that! I look forward to hearing more from you- I know this is just the beginning for you! You ROCK!!!

  26. Stacy Block says:


  27. Melanie says:

    Hello! Just wanted to congratulate you on your success on The Voice and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I have been enjoying watching some of your interviews on You Tube. You are refreshingly real. Also saw some video of the after party – that must have been fun and freeing after the competition. One video showed you swinging the mic by the cord and catching it while you performed. That brought to mind some videos of Brian Connolly of Sweet where he did the same thing. I think he was also from Scotland? Earlier in the season I also thought about him when I heard you sing. He also had a beautiful, clear singing voice especially early in his career. Anyway, good luck in the future. Thanks to you, I now have an I-tunes account and look forward to more downloads of your music in the future.

  28. Liz says:

    What I love about you the way you and your son look at each other there is pure love they.
    which I’m sure you would do the same for your fan’s its a shame cassadee Pope won I know it from the start when they try to miss you up while you were singing and she has the best
    clothing for each song, she sounded like Kelly Clarkson and she sucks it was not the vote’s
    it was the show who picked her shame on the voice its ok. I would love to buy your poster
    music t-shirt I may be 49 but when you hear someone like you reminds me of the Bay City Rollers
    I got my peace sign finger screaming YOU ROCK Terry, Bless you and your family
    I’m sure someone will give will see your a star ! help you with your career love always Elizabeth

  29. Judy says:

    Terry, you are an awesome performer, you can take any song and make it your own. I love your music and I to have the show on DVR and have watched your performances many times since the show was over. I have sent messages to your twitter and Facebook accounts and have not heard from you, but I know you can not respond to all the messages. Just remember the people want to hear your music like you performed on the show, I loved to hear all the old rock n roll songs and it looks like everyone else does too. Keep it real, you ROCK!!!!!!!

    • Judy says:

      Thank you so much for the response, I will treasure it always! Much love, cheers!

      • Judy says:

        Thank you so much for the response, I will treasure it always! Much love, cheers! Do you think you will come to Kentucky while you are on tour?

        • Judy says:

          Terry I know you are see thousands of emails and messages but I have an important question. Who do I need to contact to get you booked? We have an annual festival here and would love for you to play here. Please send any info you have. Thanks and much love…Cheers!

  30. Linda C. Robinson says:

    Can i plz make myself a few tshirts? One lotuscrush and one driveblind. I promise i wont sell them.

  31. Sally Murray says:

    Hey u, well done with The Voice, sorry about my last message I sent I was a bit boozy, but just wanted to let u know there is a school reunion on the 31st August at the New Inn in Ellon, not sure if I’ve got the balls to go but I’m still in touch with Stewart mackie and he thinks I should go, not sure if anybody would give a toss if I went or not but might go just for a nosy but take my car to make a sharp exit, u probably won’t manage but just thought I’d let u know, hope ur fine, take care xx

  32. Judy says:

    Do you have any information on when you will be touring? We would love to have you come to Kentucky!

  33. Jake Sikes says:

    Terry, I’m a huge fan, watched every performance in the voice. Can’t imagine hearing you in person. I live near Saint Louis MO would love to get you close man. Be safe and take care. Keep up the good work

  34. Renee George says:

    Man, Terry, you’re so awesome!!!!! Every single song on the Voice was AMAZING!!!! My head just keeps shaking because your voice is so pitch perfect…’s BEAUTIFUL and INCREDIBLE!!! I pray you keep making tunes because you SO ROCK!!!! I’m DEFINITELY going to buy your next CD!!! I really hope to see you again soon!!! I would love to see you in concert somewhere! I live in Wisconsin, hopefully you can make it here! You’re such a cool guy w/a great smile and personality!! It would be an honor to meet you!! Well, hope to hear from you soon!! KEEP ON ROCKIN IN THE FREE WORLD!!!

  35. Alisha Doutt says:

    Dear Mr Terry Mcdermott:

    You’re a great singer. I love you and your music. I’m sorry you lost season 3 of The Voice,but I’m glad you had fun. How’s your family? Do they love your music?

    Can I please have an autographed picture?

    My address is
    Alisha Doutt
    42 North Porter Street
    Waynesburg PA 15370

    Alisha Doutt

  36. Jon Broder says:

    Hello Terry,

    I work for the Big Easy Music Awards here in New Orleans, and we would love to invite you to be a presenter at this year’s ceremony taking place at Harrah’s Theater on April 22nd. Please contact me for more information at the email address I entered, or you can call me at 504-483-3129.

    Thanks so much!


  37. Hi Terry,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    My name is Anna-Sara and I’m the Publisher Manager of VideofyMe – a social video app focusing on talents around the world.
    The app is like a fusion between Instagram and YouTube with it’s beautifying filters, easy-to-use studio and advanced social sharing and interaction.

    About two weeks ago we released a new studio for our app, where music is one of the added features. Since we work with a lot of musicians we wanted to give them the opportunity to add their own music to their videos. Take a look at this beautiful video by Swedish singer/songwriter Maverick to get a feeling of what you can do –

    Our app is a great tool to keep your fans/followers up to date in a fun (read: addictive) and easy way without a lot of effort. Capture what you see and do, add a soundtrack to it and share instantly to your social platforms or only in the app.
    As well as your fans would love to follow and interact with you, we’d love to give you and your videos some extra exposure and introduce you to a completely new audience.

    With this being said – We know you can show how fun, easy and inspiring social video can be with the VideofyMe app and would love to have you as one of our leading creators within the music category.

    I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this.

    Have a great day!

    Anna-Sara Nilsson

  38. I just like the valuable info you supply in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I’m relatively certain I’ll be informed many new stuff proper here! Good luck for the next!

  39. Betsy Bozwell says:

    Was great to see u in Osceola at the casino it was an honor an pleasure to hear your blessed talent much love to you and your family

  40. Judy says:

    Happy Birthday Te
    rry. Just donated $100 to the ALS fund in the McDermott family name. My company will also match my $100. Thanks SOOO much for the opportunity to help those in need.

  41. Margaux G says:


    I hope to get to meet you in person one day. I like you better then even the Beatles and I love the Beatles. Sorry for fangirling you. Give me a jingle if you can :D


  42. Jimmy Luetkenhaus says:

    Hello from St. Louis, MO USA!!!! Really enjoyed watchin you on the voice… Not near as much as my wife did though haha! Really hope you make it our way sometime so we can see you live. Question? Do you sign autographs if I were to send you a photo and prepaid postage? I would be for my wife for our wedding anniversary in January? Keep putting out the great music Terry and we’ll keep following you!!!! God bless you and your beautiful family!

  43. Renee says:

    I had probably the toughest weekends ever in my life and in the middle of the misery… I re-discovered my library of Terry McDermott’s music. Your music and your voice truly got me through this weekend. Your voice is Perfection…and you are kinda nice on the eyes too which is an added bonus. Thank You Terry for literally changing my life this last weekend… Please, please come do some dates in Northern California….I don’t know if a California Chick can be considered a McHobbit but I am a huge fan who can’t wait to hear what you do best!!!

  44. Judy says:

    Where are you Terry? I miss you postings.

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