Let It Be (The Voice Performance)

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Let It Be (The Voice Performance)

  1. Kathleen Hoffman says:

    Terry McDermott has everything that is needed to win The Voice 2012. Cast your vote for music perfection.

  2. Dawn says:

    Way to go Terry! You did fantastic tonight ! And you again got my votes over and over.

  3. Sykes says:

    haha i love the first comment. remember foreigners fans could vote through Skype

  4. Sandy Rowe says:

    Absolutely amazing! You are the Voice to me. Well done! Well done indeed!!!

  5. Terry your awesome and this is what America has been waiting for. Good luck in the finals next week.

  6. Just an old guy says:

    Terry, your voice is astonishing. It’s such a change to be able to listen to someone these days whose voice has your melodic accuracy and with your diction too. It sure brings back memories when you perform tunes from my youth and in most cases are doing so in an improved manner and rendition. I can only imagine what you could to with things like Stairway to Heaven, some Elton John, Bowie and the like.

    I wish you all the best over the next few weeks but can at least take some comfort in knowing that if you don’t win it all, that New Orleans is practically on my doorstep and I’m sure I’ll be able to find you performing there somewhere.

  7. Angela Labonte says:

    Is this the website we follow you on, once you win The Voice next week? Way to go Terry!!!

  8. chelsea ferrer says:

    Cheers from the Philippines! Voting for you in Facebook and NBC.com.. Im a huge fan

  9. Carol says:

    I became a fan the second I heard you on The Voice blind auditions. I am a fan for life! Hope to see you in concert very soon.

  10. jordan lyons says:

    I think Terry is the best singer because he is wonderful and I think he should win. This talent and go his own way and I am a fan of him and he is the best Scottish singer ever and I like his actsent so he is the best and this is Jordan Lyons

  11. Cate B says:

    Classic rock has been my music for over 50 years (yeah, I’m old but still rocking). It is so wonderful to hear someone with a classic rock voice who can breathe new life into the music I love. Win or lose (& I hope you win for sure) keep on rockin”!!
    PS…I was hoping you’d do “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by G&R…you’d be awsome on that!

  12. Earl Evans says:

    Terry you ROCK, at age 71 I love your clasic rock & roll. I downloaded your Voice album from I Tunes and it is playing now. Kathy and I will be looking for your future albums. Lots of luck in the future. If someone in the music world does not pick you up they have rocks in their head. No pun intended. Keep us posted on your webb site and keep on Rocking. All the best in the new year to you and your family.

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